What does J-Hope’s Arson lyrics say in Spanish? 2022 #celebrity

J-Hope‘s new release got all the fans who had been waiting for Jack In The Box way too excited. Especially the title track, Arson, as many had no idea what it would be about.

J-Hope BTS released their new song Arson, which is part of his album Jack In The Box. In the music video he is seen surrounded by chaos and cars engulfed in flames, while he walks in the middle of the set as if nothing happened. What did he mean in his handwriting?

J-Hope He showed a new stage of his career with Jack In The Box, showing a darker facet with a more rock/punk style without forgetting to add the rap that characterizes it. Each of his songs has a unique styleespecially Arson, lead single from their new album.

After the release of Jack In The Box, J-Hope will start fully preparing for his performance at the famous Lollapalooza Music Festival as he will be the headlining act on July 31st. Did you like J-Hope’s Arson?

J-Hope expressed his true feelings in Arson, what does it mean in Spanish?

In the music video for Arson, BTS’s J-Hope appears dressed completely in white as he walks without caring that everything around him is on fire and in deep chaos. As he raps into the camera, even people on fire run around him. This is what the idol sang in his new song.

Let’s burn (burn, burn, burn)
It’s done (done, done, done)
(an arson)

let’s burn
For my passion, burn
For my hopes, burn
My life, burn

Every day I ran
unable to stop
At that time
I burned it all
And I wanted it all

fame came first
Money? of course
popularity too
I couldn’t help but go into overdrive
Motivation came behind my thoughtless ambition
when i sweat

I shower in gasoline
to set fire
On my feet, on my legs
It’s even hotter, I ran my way
Recordings got hot

My popularity at the top
And above were my born enemies
Horns that sound every time
But even this, I like
Because with my fans
with my label
With my friends
We all burn together

All day
We are like rational accomplices
Burning it down was fun
I have nothing to fear
One second up front, and he’s fucked

if anyone asks me
“Yes, I lit the flame”
Now I say to myself, choose between
Put out the fire or burn even brighter?
(an arson)

It’s done
my dreams come true
success, done
My part of the work, done
what else?, nothing

Less is more
Leave while there is still something
Applause, that’s the style

Start the fire
It’s something I did for myself
who knew the world
I would go into flames
I see my marks after things settled down
It was too big a fire to put out, it was a serious fire
oh shit

It’s too hot, no
I wake up after the pain
contact with my inner self
Wrapped in fear

Nobody can, nobody stop it, shit
They try to put out the fire
But only I can do that
A firefighter of chaos

Oh a path dark as ashes waits even when the fire goes out
I tell myself
For the big hurdle ahead, what will my move be?
To bypass the game board that makes me criticize myself

if anyone asks me
“Yes, I lit the flame”
Now I say to myself, choose between
Put out the fire or burn even brighter?
It’s done
if anyone asks me
“Yes, I lit the flame”
Now I say to myself, choose between
Put out the fire or burn even brighter?

(an intentional fire)

J-Hope’s Arson exceeds 6 million streams on YouTube

10 hours before the premiere of his new MV, Arson by J-Hope already has 6,392,833 views on the YouTube platform. For the BTS rapper, this release is very important, because he confessed to his fans that he put all his soul into his songs and hopes that his followers receive them well and understand the message he wants to give with the music. of the. In addition to trying a style that he had wanted for a long time. What did you think of Arson and Jack In The Box?

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