Cast Confirmed, What Will The Second Season Be About? 2022 #Celebrity

New faces will appear in the second season of Arthdal ​​Chronicles, the popular fantasy drama that starred Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won in the first season. Although the change in the cast did not make fans of the drama very happy, the actors who will appear caught the attention of the viewers.

Arthdal ​​Chronicles will have one second season and the Main cast for this delivery has been confirmed. Which will be composed of actors Lee Joon Gi and Jang Dong Gun and actresses Shin Se Kyung and Kim Ok Bin.

The first season of Arthdal ​​Chronicles It gained great popularity as it was starred by Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won, actors who captured their charm in each of the chapters, delivering an epic story full of magic and adventure.

For the second season, the cast will change completely and you will be able to see the faces of big stars like Lee Joongi Y Shin Se-kyung as protagonists. What is the new season of the K-Drama going to be about?

New Arthdal ​​Chronicles 2 Cast Completed First Script Reading

The second season of Arthdal ​​Chronicles will have a great cast. This was recently confirmed by sources close to the producers of the tvN drama. The first reading of the script recently concluded and features several notable faces.

The first confirmed actor was Lee Joon Gi, who will play Eun Sum, the main character. The actor wowed thousands this year with his starring role in Again My Life. He also joins the cast Shin Se-kyung, who will be Tan Ya in this new installment. The actress appeared in 2020 in the drama Run On.

On the other hand, Jang Dong Gun He will remain with his character of Ta Gon in the second season, completely exciting the viewers. Finally, Kim Ok Bin will reprise her role as Tae Al Ha in this installment, the actress will also star this year in the Netflix series Love Battle, which plans to premiere this year.

What will be the plot of the second season of Arthdal ​​Chronicles?

The new season of Arthdal ​​Chronicles 2 plans to be based on a decade after the end of the events of the first season. Showing the main characters in a Adult stage. In addition to that, the producers mentioned that they have considered making a third and fourth season for the series.

As soon as filming begins after the first reading of the script, the new season is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2023 or in the middle of the year. Are you waiting for this K-Drama?

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