A Senate Candidate Wants to Make Dogecoin (DOGE) Legal in California

Dogecoin: Timothy Ursich, a California candidate for the US Senate, wants to gain power with the Dogecoin community. Sports medicine expert Timothy Ursich, who is running for the US Senate election in the state of California, proposed making Dogecoin legal in a recent tweet. Ursich calls on Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to support the campaign ahead of the June 7 primary election.

Ursich is one of the Democratic candidates running to replace Senator Alex Padilla. Some of the notable Democratic competitors include tech giant Dan O’Dowd, mathematician Akinyemi Agbede, and others who want to make computers safe for humanity. Appointed by Gavin Newsom to fill the vacant seat of Vice President Kamala Harris, Padilla is the biggest favorite to win the upcoming primary and general elections.

Larry Brown

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