AC Valhalla Will Have More Free Content, Including Roguelite Mode

Ubisoft held a 15th anniversary event this week for the series Assassin’s Creed. Among the novelties shown in the presentation, unpublished and free content were revealed, reaching Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in future updates. And it even has a “roguelite-inspired” mode.

The updates will be distributed throughout the rest of the year, and they haven’t had a confirmed date yet for each new feature. Additions include more festivals, an update on available weapons, all-new tombs and the Mastery Challenge Pack 2.

The “roguelite-inspired” mode will also be free and is called The Forgotten Saga. Ubisoft says it’s the most ambitious content they’ve ever brought to a Assassin’s Creed. No specific details were given on how the gameplay will work, but the trailer shows Evior going to Niflheim, dying and coming back countless times. As the style dictates, each incursion will bring different scenarios and enemies, and it seems that players lose their equipment but release skills to help with each new attempt.

For fans of the story, we’ve also highlighted a new free chapter coming this year, which should finally conclude Evior’s journey and his canonical storyline in the series.

The 15th anniversary event of Assassin’s Creed also brought other information about the franchise, including the fact that we will have the reveal of the next game in September this year.

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