Aespa Met Paris Hilton and They Looked Great Together 2022 #Celebrity

Aespa recently appeared in one of the last episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which the celebrity Paris Hilton was also invited. Meeting on the show, they did not miss the opportunity to take a photo together that completely enchanted the fans of the stars.

Aespa He appeared on the American program Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his English single Life’s Too Short. Another of the celebrities who was invited to the program was Paris Hilton and the K-Pop group took the opportunity to take a Photography with her.

Aespa has begun to enter the American market successfully, after participating on the main stage of Coachella, the group has had a couple of fanmeetings with their fans and they have appeared in several programs.

Her last appearance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Paris Hilton was also one of the guests of the night. After meeting backstage, they took the opportunity to take a picture.

Aespa and Paris Hilton took a picture together on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Aespa fans went crazy with emotion when they saw her photograph with celebrity Paris Hilton, whom they met on the Jimmy Kimmel Live program, which they attended to promote her single Life’s Too Short.

In the photo, the group can be seen happily posing alongside Paris Hilton, who wears a black dress, a high ponytail and her iconic glasses. After sharing it on Twitter, Aespa used the unforgettable ‘That’s Hot’, a phrase by which Paris Hilton is known worldwide.

Paris Hilton is a young American member of high society in the United States as she is the great-granddaughter of the founder of the famous chain of hotels and resorts Hilton. Since she was little, the young billionaire has been very famous for having famous friends like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.

Aespa presented Life’s Too Short on Jimmy Kimmel Live

On the other hand, Aespa presented its first single completely in English called Life’s Too Short on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Completely exciting the audience that she gathered to see the K-Pop group on the show.

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