AleXa Says She’s Getting Married, Pranking ZB Labels CEO 2022 #Celebrity

AleXa: On a recent SBS show, singer AleXa appeared alongside the CEO of her company. While they were chatting, the winner of the American Song Contest burst into tears as she revealed a secret to her boss. What happened?

AleXa He surprised his CEO and followers when in the most recent chapter of AleXa’s Welcome to Wonderland he confessed that he met someone and plans get marry with that person. The reaction of CEO completely impressed his fans.

AleXa is an American singer who has become a worthy foreign representative of K-Pop. With her song Wonderland by her, she became the first winner of the American Song Contest, the US version of the Eurovision Song Contest.

After her success with Wonderland, the singer has started participating in different programs and events in South Korea. Among them, his variety show AleXa’s Welcome to Wonderland, where he surprised with his most recent confession.

AleXa pranked her CEO that she planned to get married

During the most recent episode of AleXa’s Welcome to Wonderlandthe American singer AleXa completely surprised everyone present with a confession that no one expected, saying that she planned to get married.

In the program, they were in front of a monk to talk about various topics and when they asked her if there was someone in her heart, the singer began to mourn and said that he had met someone a few months ago and that their relationship had grown to such a degree that they planned get marry.

The singer continued to cry for a while, as she spoke with her CEO and confessed that she feared whether she would be able to continue being an idol after that announcement, knowing that a relationship could end her relationship. race. Although his boss had no idea how to react, he tried to be calm and reassure the singer.

However, when AleXa decided to introduce her partner and asked him to appear on the show, it was a big surprise when another person came in and AleXa burst out laughing, showing that everything had been a joke. Without a doubt, AleXa showed her great talent in acting with this scene. You can see the program here:

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