All GOT7 Reality Shows, Where to Watch Them and What They’re About 2022 #Celebrity

GOT7: Looking for something new to watch? If what you want is fun and getting to know the members of GOT7 better, then these shows are for you, they will make you smile and take you to see K-Pop idols having fun together at various points in their careers.

Since GOT7 debuted, the group has prepared various programs and special content for fans, so with each episode AHGASE get to know more about them and their facets off stage.

That is why the K-Pop group has several reality shows that were released at different times of their career, some show us the idols in their debut and others have several seasons that were filmed in different years.

So if you want to get to know the members of GOT7 learn about their personalities and their evolution, but also see them laugh and compete with each other, you will not want to miss these reality shows, we tell you where to watch their episodes.

GOT7 reality shows, what are they and where to watch them easily

The reality show has two full seasons and a 3-episode special called Hard Carry 2.5, you can watch some of the episodes on Mnet’s YouTube channel M2, but all are available through the band’s V Live.

  • GOT7 Working EAT Holiday in Jeju

This is a reality show filmed in 2018 and takes us to see the idols’ journey to Jeju Island, where they are tasked with setting up a food business, preparing dishes, and attracting customers. The chapters are available on GOT7’s V Live and also on YouTube.

The program takes us to know a fun and very happy side of the members of the group, it has four seasons and the episodes are on YouTube.

Through this reality show we see the idols fulfilling missions that put them to the test while having fun, it includes competitions, jokes and more. It is also available on YouTube.

It is the first reality show of the K-Pop group, so it takes us to know a little about their debut, we see them interacting with other idols from what was their agency at the time. The episodes are on Daily Motion.

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