ALPHA Songs That Will Make You Feel Powerful When Listening To Them 2022 #Celebrity

ALPHA is CL’s latest album and it was released in 2021. With a total of 11 songs, each one of them has a unique style that is capable of making you dance and feel all the ‘girl boss’ energy of the former member of 2NE1. These are some of the songs from her album that will become your favorites.

CL moved all his followers with ALPHA, an album that premiered in 2021 and has a total of 11 songs. Between ballads and songs full of pop and hip-hop, some of his songs They will make you feel like the master of the place. Which are the best?

CL is currently working in the United States, she has participated in several music festivals in that country, one of the most important being Coachella, an event in which she brought together 2NE1, it is an unforgettable presentation for all K-Pop fans.

CL songs on her ALPHA album to feel like you have all the power

SPICY is the first song from ALPHA, CL’s most recent album. In this song, the South Korean shows her great talent in rap with a pop song with electronic and hip hop that will make you feel the heat of the spice in her powerful song.

Although the melody starts out quieter, as if it were a ballad, tie a cherry has a unique and powerful style, especially in the chorus where the singer combines both English and Korean in this iconic song.

In the case of Chuckfrom the first seconds you know that this song has it all, style, power, a catchy melody that will make you feel like the tough girl in history, whom no one can hurt and everyone admires, plus it is inevitable to start dancing with this song.

H.W.A. It is the penultimate song on the album and has a pop and electronic style that is perfect combined with CL’s voice. In addition to the fact that the video is a visual delight, this song is perfect to make you feel like the king of the world.

Xai it also starts out as a ballad but slowly builds in emotion as it hits the chorus and CL takes over the melody with her vocal. This song could be ideal to musicalize a critical scene in which the protagonist of the story is about to make a decision that could change the destiny of his entire story, so it is impossible to deny his power.

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