Analyst Announces 6 Altcoins That Will Mark July!

Altcoin: A significant portion of the crypto market is driven by investors who want to profit from the wild volatility that the market is experiencing. However, it’s not just the return on investment (ROI) that makes a project worthy of one’s money. In this article, let’s list 6 altcoin projects that can hit the market with their real use cases. According to analyst Aaryamann Shrivastava, given current prices, July could be a good month to evaluate.

Top 6 altcoins for July 2022: ETH, SHIB, ADA, LINK, CEL, QNT, STORJ

Ethereum (ETH)

DeFi pioneer Ethereum (ETH) is gearing up for the arrival of the Merge and Difficulty Bomb next month. Therefore, this month has a lot of potential as an investment, according to analysts. These events, scheduled for August, will bring an overhaul that investors and developers have been preparing for since December 2020. However, a one-month ROI on ETH isn’t particularly impressive. It may make sense for investors to expect more profits by buying at the bottom.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu is the second largest meme coin by market cap. Despite the last correction, it managed to stay afloat. Even now, it’s still in the top 20 by market cap. Giants such as Cronos and FTX token could not hold on to this list. Shiba Inu has also managed to gather an audience preparing for the arrival of SHIB: The Metaverse. The development will be a game changer for the network, making it a viable asset for investment. Therefore, according to analysts, these levels are an excellent opportunity to evaluate.

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Cardano (ADA)

Just like Ethereum, Cardano is poised for a significant rise in the coming weeks. Vasil hard fork will go live on the mainnet by the end of July. Thus, Cardano will become a more important player in the DeFi market. The Cardano network gained smart contract capability last year with the Alanzo upgrade. Vasil, on the other hand, makes the network faster and more economical. We’ve covered everything you need to know about Vasil in this article.

ADAUSDT 2022 07 12 14 55 25

Chainlink (LINK)

One of the altcoin projects that stand out as an oracle network is Chainlink. While the Oracle Blockchain may not look promising when it comes to ROI, it is a unique cryptocurrency thanks to its consistent development and integrations across hundreds of DeFi protocols. In the second quarter alone, Chainlink integrated with more than 12 Blockchain and Layer-2 networks with oracle networks crossing the 1000 mark. Despite the market slump last month, what gives LINK its value as a strong network will always support the growth of the asset.

6 Altcoins to Mark July

Quant (QNT)

Quant has delivered a 48.43% return on its investments since last month. With Bitcoin consolidating at $20,000, a return on investment of 48% is a commendable achievement. But what makes Quant a solid investment are its real use cases. As a Blockchain interoperability network and operating system, Quant makes cross-chain functionality much easier for Blockchains, which has become a necessary feature for crypto networks by user demand.

6 Altcoins to Mark July

Storj (STORJ)

Last on the list, let’s take a look at a decentralized storage focused Blockchain solution. Like Chainlink, Storj brings a distinctive feature to the crypto space in the form of a decentralized system for digital file storage, although it already exists. In this way, systems running its software can lease unused hard disk space to users to store their files. Users who provide storage then earn rewards as SOTRJ. Now, as just one token, STORJ has done phenomenal last month. Provided investors with up to 40% return on investment. Due to the need for decentralization, STORJ is making it a good investment going forward.

6 Altcoins to Mark July

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