Analyst Chose These Metaverse Coin Projects: He’s Gonna Topple Everyone!

Metaverse Coin: Since November last year, almost all altcoins have lost more than 80%. The market has seen a number of metaverse coins and Web 3 projects rise meanwhile. Now, Solana and Decentraland are poised to surpass all their rivals, according to a popular crypto analyst.

Altcoin Sherpa shares 2022 forecasts for Solana and MANA

According to the well-known cryptocurrency expert, Solana (SOL) will outperform other Projer in the current cycle. Twitter analyst nicknamed Altcoin Sherpa says that Solana price will outperform other altcoins depending on the direction of Bitcoin price. According to altcoin Sherpa, Solana’s potential rise is unpredictable for now. However, the analyst predicts that the SOL will soon be mixed with the $40 resistance. If SOL reaches $50, Sherpa likely expects it to see a major correction.


The analyst shared the technical view below for Solana. At the time of writing, Solana is trading at $40.05, up 28% from last week. According to Sherpa’s predictions, Solana will see a major correction at $50.

Altcoin Sherpa also takes a look at the metaverse coin market

Decentraland has become another altcoin that Altcoin Sherpa is optimistic about. The analyst predicts that the metaverse coin will recover after hitting bottom. MANA price is now trading at $0.90 after bottoming out at $0.74 in June. For MANA, Sherpa shared the technical chart below.


Sherpa then has predictions for a different metaverse coin, ApeCoin (APE). According to the analyst, Apecoin, which was released for the Bored Ape Yacht Club community, may decline again at $ 6 . Currently, APE is trading at $4.44. According to Sherpa’s predictions, Apecoin bulls will give the biggest test in the $6 region.

Metaverse Coin Projects Will Overthrow Everyone

Meanwhile, there is “still a high time frame negative market structure” for Bitcoin, according to Sherpa. Bitcoin price has once again reached above $21,000 after bottoming out at $17,708.62 this week. As we have included in the analysis, Peter Brandt says that Bitcoin will reach $13,000 again.

However, Van de Poppe shared his Bitcoin analysis in a separate update. Saying that he “sees a great market environment here as the markets continue their upward momentum,” the analyst adds that Ethereum can reach $1,500 in the “coming weeks”.

As for Bitcoin, the Decentrader platform shared the potential for BTC/USD to be a “trap” above 200WMA in the event of a squeeze, with whales on the Bitfinex exchange making claims in this space. The firm adds that, overall, the market is giving signals that “encourage the bulls,” even though crypto has not “come out of the jungle.”

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