Anna, Suzy’s K-Drama Faces Controversy With Chinese Public 2022 #Celebrity

Bae Suzy’s new drama recently premiered and garnered good reviews since its premiere. However, not all the public is happy with the story, as the second chapter caused the anger of a large number of Chinese fans who were angry at the way the country was talked about in a scene. What happened?

A few days ago it premiered Anna the new drama by Bae Suzy. A story full of intrigues and lies that make the protagonist’s life change drastically. Despite the popularity it garnered upon its premiere, the drama made anger to the chinese public in the second chapter.

Although Bae Suzy’s new drama has completely enchanted her followers, many Chinese netizens are upset by the way their country was talked about and did not hesitate to demand an apology from the protagonist and the entire production team for the way in which they spoke of their country.

What was it that made Chinese netizens watching Bae Suzy’s Anna so upset? One of the scenes of the second chapter provoked the discontent of this nation, especially because of how her country was portrayed.

Chinese fans demand apology from Suzy and Anna production for 2nd episode

Bae Suzy‘s Anna is a drama that has drawn a lot of attention for its intriguing plot. However, despite the fact that it has received good reviews from viewers, some Chinese users could not help showing their discontent after watching the second chapter.

In one of the scenes of second chapter of Anna, Bae Suzy can be seen trying to sell a high end watch which was very expensive, this to get some money. However, when he arrived at the exchange house he was informed that his watch was a chinese fake and that it did not have the quality or the price of the watch that it claimed to be.

This event is inspired by a true event that occurred in South Korea, where a company began selling exclusive watches that only the richest people in South Korea owned but it turned out to be a scam and to be Chinese replicas with low-cost materials.

Although it is inspired by a true event, Chinese netizens showed their annoyance saying that they were giving a bad image of the country saying that the Chinese merchandise was of poor quality and that both the leading lady and the entire production team should apologize to the Chinese public. So far the production has not given any statement in this regard.

Korean Netizens Defend The Drama From China’s Accusations

On the other hand, Korean netizens lashed out at the Chinese public who started complaining. Since Suzy’s drama is currently only available in South Korea through a payment platform that is only available in that region, they claimed that Chinese netizens are watching the series illegally and even their complaint is a bit hypocritical. . What do you think of this controversy?

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