Anna, What is Suzy’s Drama About And Where to Watch it? 2022 #Celebrity

Bae Suzy is back with a new K-Drama, and even though Anna’s first episodes only premiered, the plot of this Korean series is already captivating the attention of fans in different parts of the world. We tell you what it is about and when to see new chapters.

Get ready to see a novel drama full of interesting details, where you will also witness the multifaceted performance of Suzy next to a cast very talented. Why shouldn’t you miss the opportunity to see Anna?

This is the new K-Drama from Coupang Play, a streaming app that is gaining traction in South Korea. did you see Kim Soo-hyun in One Ordinary Day? Anna’s story will be released on the same platform as said production, so we can expect a lot from the plot.

But if you see a new drama of Suzy is not enough motivation for you, then we will tell you what Anna is about and everything you need to know to follow the drama.

What is the drama Anna about? There are many reasons to watch it from the start

The history of kdrama leads us to meet Yu Mi, a girl whose life changes drastically due to a lie. One day her fate intersects with that of Hyun Joo, who lives comfortably and carefree, something that Yu Mi has not had until now.

Now she lives in a totally different way, she is married to Ji Hun and ambition is part of their daily lives while the protagonist tries not to let the truth come to light.

Where to watch Anna and when are the new episodes released?

The drama Anna only premiered on June 24, and every Friday it premieres new episodes with Suzy playing the role of Yu Mi, Jung Eun-chae as HyunJoo Kim Joon Han giving life to Ji Hun and Park Ye-young like Ji Won

do you plan to see this korean series? Anna is available through the Coupang Play app, but sites like doramasflix are posting the episodes with Spanish subtitles for international fans.

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