Anonymous LUNA Wages War on its Inventor: Secrets Revealed!

LUNA: Anonymous has uploaded a video targeting Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon. The anonymous hacking group has pledged to expose LUNA inventor Do Kwon’s crimes and bring him to justice as soon as possible. Here are the details…

Anonymous targets LUNA inventor

The popular “hacktivist” group Anonymous is back again and uploaded a new video that promises to expose Do Kwon’s “crimes”. The video, uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, reveals that Anonymous has pledged to ensure that Do Kwon’s crimes are brought to justice as soon as possible. In a four-minute video uploaded to YouTube, Anonymous outlined the Terra co-founder’s crimes, including cashing out $80 million each month prior to the collapse of cryptocurrency Luna.

The group also noted that Kwon has been making fun of failed projects in the crypto space. The group also talked about Basis Cash, another stablecoin created by Do Kwon under the alias “Rick Sanchez”, which crashed in 2021. According to the video, Anonymous claimed that Do Kwon was “malicious from the very beginning” and that his crimes should be exposed immediately. The group used the following statements:

Anonymous looks back at Do Kwon’s full history to see what he can learn and bring to light since his entry into the crypto space.

According to Anonymous, Kwon has many more crimes

The group also mentioned that Do Kwon was never held responsible for the Basis Cash stablecoin collapse. Because he stated that he created the cryptocurrency under the pseudonym inspired by Rick Sanchez in famous cartoon characters Rick and Morty. Anonymous added that he believes there are “many more crimes yet to be discovered on Do Kwon’s destruction trail” after the Terra Luna crypto collapse. Anonymous used the following statements:

Do Kwon, if you’re listening, unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done to reverse the damage you’ve done. The only thing we can do at this point is to hold you accountable and ensure that you are brought to justice as soon as possible.

The video went viral on many social media circuits, including Twitter, shortly after it was posted on YouTube and managed to attract mixed reactions from the social communities. Several Twitter users praised Anonymous for blaming Do Kwon for the alleged crimes. Described as a decentralized international activist and hacktivist collective and movement, Anonymous is known to have carried out several cyber attacks against corrupt governments and institutions around the world. The group had recently declared a cyber war against Russia over its decision to invade Ukraine.

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