Are GOT7’s Youngjae and Lovey Dating? Sublime Clarifies Rumors 2022 #Celebrity

GOT7: Are you following all the news of GOT7? Although the idols are working on new releases, a rumor recently emerged that Youngjae had a girlfriend for more than a year, we tell you how the suspicions arose.

The interpreter of Vibin’ has been quite busy in recent days, in addition to being a Radio DJ he has just presented his new album entitled SUGAR and will soon be visiting various countries in Asia with a mini-tour to reconnect with fans from different parts of the world.

But in the midst of all the surprises and novelties, some dating rumors that involve Youngjae. Who is the K-Pop idol reportedly dating?

It all started when a website linked the member of GOT7 with a South Korean singer, Youngjae’s agency also talked about it.

Are Youngjae and Lovey in a relationship? The beginning of the suspicions of a romance

An internet site reported that Youngjae was dating the singer. lovey and according to the publication, they already had about a year being a couple. After that, they mentioned some of the moments in which they have coincided.

Previously, he collaborated on a single for the girl, which bears the name of hurry up. In addition, Lovey participated in the lyrics of Drive Me To The Moon melody written by Youngjae for GOT7’s new group EP.

The aforementioned page also added that the interpreter would have been one of the guests at GOT7’s FANCON, but by pointing out that both are a couple, the rumor began to travel through social networks.

Youngjae’s agency denies that he and Lovey are dating

Shortly after the suspicions began to spread, Sublime Artist Agency shared a statement to clarify the situation and put an end to the rumors, stating that Youngjae and Lovey are not a couple.

They also explained that although they have worked together on several occasions, their relationship is merely professional and they support each other in musical projects.

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