Are Kang Seung Yoon and Moon Ji Hyo dating? YG said this 2022 #Celebrity

Suspicions that Kang Seung Yoon and Moon Ji Hyo captured the attention of many fans, we tell you why these two artists are believed to be dating and what the company that represents them said about it.

The WINNER boys just did their long-awaited combeack just in June, but although the idols’ music made their fans vibrate, now it’s a dating rumor which captures the attention of the fans.

Suspicion recently arose that Kang Seung-yoon the vocalist and Leader of the group has a girlfriend and, according to some statements, the girl would be another artist from the same company as the idol.

It all started when some photographs were released where Kang Seung Yoon is supposedly seen taking a walk with a girl, this is what happened.

Kang Seung Yoon and Moon Ji Hyo May Be Dating According to These Photos

Recently, Korean media published some Photos where a boy and a girl are walking down the street on a sunny day. Both wear black and blue outfits, their faces are not visible because they wear face masks and a bucket hat, but many point out that it is the leader of WINNER and the actress Moon Ji Hyo.

They were seen holding hands and it was then that the dating rumors began to gain strength, until this reached the ears of YG-Entertainmentdid the agency confirm or deny that they are a couple.

YG Responds To Dating Rumors Between Kang Seung Yoon And Moon Ji Hyo

Fans were curious to know if these suspicions were true and if the people in the photos are really the K-Pop idol and the actress he worked with in the Born To Love You MV, the agency that represents them both said. :

It is difficult to confirm private matters related to our artists

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