ASTRO Has A Pillow of MJ While He is in The Army

ASTRO: The members of ASTRO have shown to be very united and have great affection and respect for each other. For that reason, the fact that a member of the group is missing makes them as sad as their fans. But soon they found the solution to stop missing MJ, an action that made AROHA laugh and touched.

STAR is currently promoting Drive to the Starry Road, his latest mini album. Although they are introducing themselves as five members, they can’t help but to miss too much to MJ, who recently enlisted in the army. However, they found the perfect way to feel their partner present.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh and tear up at the way ASTRO is including MJ in their promotions. The idol stopped promoting with the group because he entered the mandatory military service that all men in South Korea must perform.

Both ASTRO and AROHA have shown how much they miss MJ, despite only having been in the military for a month, his absence is very conspicuous. For that reason, seeing how the members do not stop mentioning it made his followers happy.

ASTRO got a pillow from MJ so as not to miss him during his absence

Since MJ recently enlisted in the army. ASTRO has sought a way not to notice his absence so much and during the promotions of their new album Drive to the Starry Road they decided to carry a pillow you have your partner’s photograph.

AROHA was charmed by the way the members look at MJ’s pillow, between a smile and jokes they avoid showing how much they miss their hyung. Leaving fans completely moved. Without a doubt, AROHA are not the only ones to miss MJ.

When will MJ be discharged from the military and resume activities with ASTRO?

MJ enlisted in May for military service, since it is starting, it could take about two years to see him on stage again. So he would be back at ASTRO until the middle of 2024. Without a doubt, it will be a long wait for AROHA and her groupmates.

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