ASTRO’s Moonbin and Moon Sua Performed Together on Music Bank 2022 #Celebrity

Fans of the Moon brothers were quite excited to learn that ASTRO’s Moonbin and Billlie’s Moon Sua would be having a special performance on Music Bank. Upon being released, everyone was completely charmed by the playful way the brothers performed Candy in my Ears, a song by Baek Ji Young with 2PM’s TaecYeon.

Two of the artist brothers who have caused the most tenderness in recent years are moonbin from ASTRO and Moon Sua by Billie. Who recently completely thrilled their fans with a Special presentation in Music Bank. How did you perform Baek Ji Young’s Candy in my Ears?

Fans of the Moon brothers were completely delighted with their most recent performance at the Music Bank. Being both idols in different groups, seeing a collaboration on a show made their fans very excited and showed the tender friendship they have.

While Moonbin debuted alongside ASTRO, her younger sister Moon Sua is a member of the girl group Billlie, a group that debuted in 2020 with the song Flowerld and who had a comeback earlier this year.

Moonbin and Moon Sua moved with their cuteness singing Candy in my Ears on Music Bank

For Music Bank’s special stage, ASTRO’s Moonbin and Billlie’s Moon Sua were invited, as a special sibling performance of the iconic and popular song Candy in my Ears of the famous singer Baek Ji Young.

In the brothers’ version, Moonbin and Moon Sua were somewhat playful as they alternated male and female parts during the performance. Likewise, Moonbin couldn’t help but play around and tease his sister on stage a couple of times. You can see his entire presentation here:

Fans of Moonbin and Moon Sua loved the playful way they sang on stage

On the other hand, the fans of both idols could not stop seeing how adorable the interactions of the brothers were. Especially when in the presentation Moonbin puts her hand on Moon Sua’s head causing her to laugh and try to remove it, to later get excited at the end of Moon Sua trying to do an aegyo to her brother while Moonbin watches her with confusion.

Without a doubt, they showed that they get along very well and that it would be great to see a collaboration between the brothers in the future. Would you like to see a song where both participate?

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