ATEEZ, NMIXX, and More Artists Confirmed for The Event 2022 #Celebrity

One of the favorite shows for K-Pop fans is ISAC. An event where many K-Pop groups gather to compete in different sports disciplines. Although it was canceled for two years due to the pandemic, Idol Star Athletics Championship returns this year and the list of groups invited to the program is already public. Who will participate?

This year we will have a new edition of Idol Star Athletics Championship and the K-Pop groups who will compete in this program have been confirmed, completely exciting the fans. Who will participate this year?

If you have been a fan of K-Pop for several years, surely you know perfectly the ISAC. If you are new to the fandom, you will like to know that this program brings together different K-Pop groups to compete in all kinds of sports, from archery, relay races, jumps, dance. And this year they will add the E-sports category, so we can see them playing video games.

Each edition is full of interactions between different groups and many funny moments. If you want to know who will be in this year’s edition, this is the confirmed list Until now.

ATEEZ, IVE & More, Which K-Pop Groups Will Compete At ISAC 2022?

Many fans are eagerly awaiting the new edition of the Idol Star Athletics Championship, especially seeing the interactions between their favorite K-Pop groups. So far, there are 12 groups that have been confirmed for the alignment of this year. Without a doubt, it will be an edition that fans will not want to miss.

  • NCT
  • IVE
  • Brave Girls
  • H1-KEY
  • Yena
  • TRI.BE
  • CLASS:y

On the other hand, Dhyun of TWICE was confirmed as the driver of the event, the singer did a great job during ISAC 2020, for that reason, she will once again brighten up the program together with FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi.

When will the Idol Star Athletics Championship show be broadcast?

The program will be broadcast between September 9 and 12during the chuseok-festival of South Korea, returning the tradition of each year of the program. On the other hand, the invited artists will record the program between July 30 and August 1. Without a doubt, fans can prepare for endless fun interactions between their favorite K-Pop artists. Which group do you hope to see on the show?

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