Avatar 2: See The First Image of Kate Winslet as Ronal

Avatar 2: After a wait of more than a decade since the release of the first film, avatar 2 is getting closer and closer to premiere and fans are eagerly awaiting more plot information. And, during this Thursday (30), Empire magazine released the first image of Kate Winslet in the film, characterized as her character Ronal, and gave information about Na’vi.

So, check out the image released by the magazine and more information about Kate’s character in Avatar: The Way of Water.


Kate Winslet to Play Fearless Leader Ronal in Avatar: The Water Way

The wait for the discovery of star Kate Winslet’s character has finally come to an end and fans can now get their first look at Ronal, who is described as a strong leader of the Na’vi race.

Thus, we see all the work of the CGI team in the characterization of the actress for the film by James Cameron, as well as more information about the character of Kate.

Winslet elaborated on Ronal’s personality and said, “She is strong, a warrior. Even in the face of grave dangers, and pregnant with a baby, she joins her people in the fight for what is most precious to everyone: family and home”.

We can then expect a great dedication from the actress to bring to life these outstanding characteristics of the leader of the Na’vi in Avatar 2.

The sequel to the original hit hits theaters on December 16, 2022 and, according to James, there will be new films if this production is well received at the premiere.

In this way, we can have Avatar 3 in December 2024, Avatar 4 in 2026, and Avatar 5 in 2028, according to Cameron. And you, what did you think of the first look at Ronal, to Avatar: The Way of Water?

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