B-Sides That Would Be Perfect As Title Songs 2022 #Celebrity

B-Sides: For ONCE it is a fact that all of TWICE’s songs are a total hit, even the secondary songs of the albums that are not so popular. However, for their fans, some of them should have more recognition and they know that they would have been a success if they had been chosen as the title track of the album. These are some of them.

TWICE is one of the most popular groups in K-Pop today and in each of their comebacks they always thrill their fans with fun and catchy songs. In addition to his main songsalso have b sides that you should not miss.

If you are ONCE, surely you know all the songs of the group backwards and forwards, so there are several of their songs that you would have loved to see them promoted in music shows or with their own MV. These are some of the TWICE songs that would be perfect as the title track.

If TWICE is a group that draws your attention but you don’t completely stan, these songs They are perfect options to add to your playlist and be enchanted with the music of the group.

TWICE B-Sides that would have sounded great as a lead single

From the Album Summer Nights, HO! It’s a pretty upbeat song with a beachy beat that makes you want to have a good time with sun and sand all around you. Without a doubt, this song would have been a success due to its rock style.

From the 2017 album Twicetagram, this song has the striking and unique style that characterizes TWICE, a song that without a doubt makes you want to dance. What would the music video for this song be like?

Another song from Summer Nights, this sweet and romantic song would have been a perfect melody to talk about love with an MV full of colorful settings. Without a doubt, everyone would have dedicated this song.

Despite its quiet start, TWICELAND’s Tuk Tok – THE OPENING has a sudden burst of energy in the chorus that would have been perfect as a title track.

Another of the songs from TWICELAND – THE OPENING that would have been perfect as a title song is Truth, a rebellious and cool melody that shows all the talent in TWICE’s voices, it has a great energy to be a title song.

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