Babi Asks Yumi To Get Married, Scene 2022 #Celebrity

Yumi’s Cells 2 is nearing its end, in the most recent episodes we have seen breakups, reunions and now a reconciliation turned into the moment of a marriage proposal, what decision will Kim Go Eun’s character make?

If you are following the episodes of this K-Drama then surely you have let yourself be enveloped by the romance story of the protagonist of Yumi’s Cells 2, who once again faced a broken heart and loneliness after a breakup.

But Yumi’s fate is still uncertain and so is her love relationship so we saw it in this weekend’s episodes, where a reconciliation and an unexpected reunion appeared.

What happened in the most recent episodes of Yumi’s Cells 2? Here we tell you about Yumi’s reunion with Woong and Babi in the drama.

Yumi and Babi reconcile with a kiss, a marriage proposal appears

In the new chapters of Yumi’s Cells 2, Kim Go Eun met again with the character of Ahn Bohyun and, although they had fun together and had a good time, their connection is not what it was before, but that did not stop Woong confronted Babi in the middle of an argument.

We also witnessed the moment when yumi and baby They meet again and confess how much they missed each other, they resumed their relationship, but both felt doubtful of the other’s feelings.

It was so that when they finally expressed it, Yumi said he thought Baby He regretted going back to her, but he confessed that he felt it was the other way around, he was afraid that she no longer wanted to be by his side, but these statements ended with a kiss in the midst of tears. What nobody expected is that it would be at that moment that the character of jinyoung he would propose to the girl. OMG!

When does Yumi’s Cells 2 end? The last episodes are coming

12 of the 14 episodes of the second season of Yumi’s Cells have already been broadcast, that means that there are only two left, so next week we will see the end of the romantic K-Drama.

However, let’s remember that sticking to the history of the webtoon, there would still be a season to adapt to the screen. There is no announcement yet that it will be released Yumi’s Cells 3so we will have to wait to find out if the girl stays with Babi, with Woong or if the story will continue.

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