Back to the Future: The Electric DeLorean Alpha 5

The DeLorean Motor Company published this Monday (30) the first images of its new electric vehicle, the Alpha 5 (EV). The launch of the model is an attempt to resurrect the brand, which was immortalized as the time machine used by Marty and Doc, in the classic Back to the future.

The electric vehicle doesn’t have many similarities with the old DMC-12, other than the gull-wing doors, where a more square model gave way to curves, a futuristic design and space for four seats. Despite the differences, DeLorean developed the new model in partnership with Italdesignthe team responsible for developing the DMC-12 in 1981.

With a 100 kWh battery, the Alpha 5 can reach 96 km/h in just 2.99 seconds, with a maximum speed of 250 km/h. According to the company, these specifications are for the “base” model, but there is no further information about other models or possible prices.

New Company

The company that developed the Alpha 5 (EV) is not the same as the original DeLorean, which went extinct in 1982. A Texas company that supplies replacement parts to owners of older DeLorean vehicles has acquired the rights to the brand and is behind the electrical renovation.

However, nostalgia plays an important role for the release. At first, only 88 units will be manufactured. Referring to the speed the heroes needed to reach to travel through time.

“We had the opportunity to reimagine the brand that has marked many people around the world in four decades. We are now witnessing another chapter in this fantastic story”, said Neilo Harris, vice president of the manufacturer.

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