BamBam is Jealous of A dancer Who Conquered Fans 2022 #Celebrity

BamBam recently performed in the Philippines and gave a collaborative show in Manila, fans did not lose sight of what was happening on stage and that included the choreography of the dancers. When the idol noticed him, he made GOT7 fans laugh with his reaction.

The interpreter of ribon took his music to the Philippines, where he shared the stage with jackson wang and the boys from Treasure. Each one gave a spectacular show and received the applause of the public after their interpretations that were chanted with great force.

Bam Bam He seemed very happy to meet again with the AHGASES from that country, but when the show ended, everything took a funny turn that led us to meet the most jealous side of the K-Pop idol, what happened?

A dancer accompanying BamBam caught the attention of some fans and, as the member of GOT7 He always finds out what happens on social networks, he joked and caused a whole drama that made his fans laugh.

GOT7’s BamBam is jealous of one of his dancers who wowed fans

It all started when a fan shared a video she took during the show in the Philippines, but instead of filming BamBam, most of the clip shows us one of the dancers accompanying him. idol.

BamBam saw this publication and responded with a funny image where a sign appears that says ‘welcome home traitor/unfaithful’, taking all his fans by surprise by showing that he is really attentive to what is happening on the social network.

The singer even put this image as an icon on his personal account, but he also shared a post with said dancer and pointed out that he might have to give that boy a few months of rest before he steals his entire fandom. LOL!

BamBam jokes about his jealousy at a concert in Thailand

After their show in Manila, BamBam, Jackson Wang and Treasure headed to Thailand for a new concert and the interpreter of Slow Mo brought up the subject. While on stage, the singer had a moment to chat with his fans, but amid laughter he again mentioned the jealousy he was experiencing.

BamBam asked his fans if they were watching him or his dancer, but he made it clear that it was a joke, as he also shared very funny moments with that boy while doing the ribBon choreography.

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