Bang Chan Talks About His Girlfriend, Who is Bada? 2022 #celebrity

On the most recent broadcast of Chan’s Room, a fan asked the idol to clear up his recent dating rumors and the Stray Kids leader couldn’t help but open up to his fans about who has completely stolen his heart and everything that makes him feel. . Do you want to know what he said he?

Bang Chan of Stray Kids met with Stay on their weekly broadcast of V Live. In which he talked about different topics with his fans and made an important confession which left the fandom completely shocked. This was what happened.

Stray Kids leader Bang Chan always seeks to be transparent with his fans and the communication between him and his followers is constant, wanting to share all kinds of moments together.

For that reason, in the new broadcast of Chan’s Room. The idol surprised his followers by revealing that he was in a relationship with someone very special that almost everyone knows. Do you want to know who it is?

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan told his fans about his girlfriend, who is Bada?

During the most recent broadcast of Chan’s Room, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan was asked by a fan about his recent dating rumors, and the idol used the moment to fully come clean with his fans and reveal the whole truth.

Bang Chan He began by apologizing to his followers and assured that he would allow them to explain his dating rumors with bada. He mentioned that although they can’t see each other often, it’s a relationship that follows him wherever he goes and already come to think that he cannot live without her.

He assured that his feelings They have grown recently because they have met more often and it is a love that was born from their childhood. In the end, she assured that Bada (sea in Korean) is very important to him. Making fans laugh at his little joke where he always referred to the ocean like his girlfriend. Did you know that Bang Chan is in a relationship with the sea?

Bang Chan confessed how all his life he has been in love with the sea

Shortly after finishing his prank, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan continued talking about the sea and how important it is to him. She assured that when she is close to him he feels calm and happy and that all the stress he has disappears. She also shared with Stay that when they shot the music video for the Time Out mixtape, the only thing she could think about was going for a swim in the ocean or diving, ensuring that the ocean It is a very important place for him.

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