Benny Blanco Wanted to Dress Just Like Jimin in Bad Decisions 2022 #Celebrity

Benny Blanco: Bad Decisions by BTS, Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg already has its own music video and fans totally loved it as it portrays the life of every fan with the excitement before the concert of their favorite band. However, the scene that amused fans the most was when Benny Blanco wanted to be like Jimin and imitate his look.

Bad Decisions of benny white, bts Y Snoop Dogg He has already released his MV and in one of the scenes you can see the American singer and producer trying mock one of the outfits of Jimin completely exciting the fans.

K-Pop fans always seek to imitate the outfits of their favorite artists and Benny Blanco did not want to be left wanting, because during the music video for Bad Decisions showed in one scene how he wanted to dress like Jimin.

10 hours after the official launch of the video of Bad Decisions, the MV already exceeds 6 million views on YouTube, has 1 million likes and more than 100 thousand comments. The song by Benny Blanco, Snoop Dogg and the vocal line of BTS has been a success.

Benny Blanco recreated one of the most iconic looks of Jimin from BTS

In the new MV of Bad Decisions, benny white decided to imitate one of the most iconic looks of Jimin from BTS. The music video is about the American artist preparing to attend Bangtan Sonyeondan’s concert as a true fan of purple blood and each of the scenes completely moved ARMY.

However, one that caught a lot of attention was when Benny Blanco decided to imitate the look of Jimin which he uses in one of the scenes of dynamite. A purple outfit that appears in the video and Benny Blanco was willing to recreate.

The American singer shared a fragment of the scene on his Twitter account, with the message ‘There is only one Jimin but at least I did my best’, referring to the desire to want to dress like him. The official account of BTS did not take long to respond with a ‘Jimin’?. You can see the video scene here:

ARMY felt very identified with the Bad Decisions MV

The music video of Bad Decisions it’s all a tribute to what it’s like to be a fan, especially a fan of BTS. Important scenes such as rooms full of posters, ARMY Bombs, and giving gifts to their favorite artists are moments that all fans feel identified with and that emotion before attending a concert. For this reason, on social networks fans shared that they felt identified with many of the scenes of the MV. What was the scene that reminds you the most?

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