5 Best Characters in Famous Korean Dramas 2022

Best Characters in Famous Korean Dramas

Aside from compelling plots and eclectic characters, if there’s one thing that you can bank on K-dramas for, it’s stylish characters. We’re putting the spotlight on a few that are fashion moguls.

Most people around the world were swept up in the Hallyu tsunami in between adding the newest popular K-pop music to their favorites list and crying their eyes out over an emotional narrative. K-dramas, which are noted for their excellent production values, well-rounded characters, and compelling stories, have been especially influential in spreading this trend over the world.

The payout has been a rise in bibimbap eateries as well as terms like hwaiting! However, one of the most notable characteristics of these shows remains the characters’ varied dress. In fact, designer labels like Chanel and Gucci are frequently spotted over impassioned dinner-table talks and swoon-worthy proposals.

According to fashion gossip, many actors and actresses who are brand ambassadors for particular labels wear the current collections on television. And whether you want a touch of retro in your outfits or are all about the flowers, there’s a gorgeous K-drama character to look up to. Here are a handful we can’t get enough of.

5 most stylish K-drama characters to grace the Hallyu world
Yoon Se-ri: Crash Landing on You

Untitled design 5

The gateway to K-dramas for most people around the world, Crash Landing On You tells the tale of Yoon Se-ri, an heiress who “crash lands” into North Korea due to a paragliding accident. Considering her social rank and role as the head of a fashion company, she’s sported plenty of designer outfits, complete with bold hues, varied button downs, and oversized Gentle Monster sunglasses. There’s also plenty of floral prints and vintage lace patterns in her outfits. Also impressive? Her work outfits, defined by sharp coats and blazers from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Celine.

Sung Deok-mi: Her Private Life

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An engaging romantic comedy about an art curator, Sung Deok-mi, who leads a secret life as an ardent K-pop fan, Her Private Life is chock-full of the most impressive, chic fashion moments. Most noteworthy here are her feminine power suits with cinched waistlines, structured shoulders, and relaxed trousers. These help her stand out without being too flashy as she goes about her job. While her go-to monochromatic black and white shades, she also experiments with pastels and the occasional bright shades like magenta. Besides this, she incorporates flared tops and dresses into the mix.

Hong Cha-young: Vincenzo

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Vincenzo revolves around an Italian consigliere who returns to his motherland and finds himself entangled in a showdown with a corrupt organisation. However, it’s the sassy lawyer Hong Cha-young, who steals the show with her quirky quips and impeccable fashion sense. Sporting power suits that go from bold shades to soft pastels, each of which she pairs with jewellery from brands like Swarovski and Tiffany & Co. Also spotted are bags from Fendi, Chloe, Givenchy, and Hyeres-Lor. Look out for bracelets from Bulgari, heels from Roger Vivier, and blouses from Alexander McQueen.

Jang Man-wol: Hotel De Luna

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If you’ve got a flair for the dramatics, you’ll enjoy the fashion moments of Jang Man-wol, the manager of a cursed, ghastly hotel. Reportedly, the wardrobe for this drama cost a whopping 10 million won (Rs 6 lakh) per episode. This is evident through the string of brands that she sports, which includes the likes of Chanel, Nina Ricci, Zimmermann, Givenchy, Gucci, Dior, Miu Miu, Versace, Chloe, and Max Mara. High collars are complemented with puffy sleeves to achieve a timeless look while vintage brooches, hair slides, silken gloves, and floppy hats complete the look. There’s also double breasted trenches, sharp blazers with bold prints, and floral prints worth copping.

Jung Seo-hyun: Mine

Untitled design 3 2

This drama centres on the lives of two women who marry into a wealthy family to find true joy and find themselves navigating several secrets and lies along the way. Jung Seo-hyun happens to be an art gallery director. As such, her outfits are dripping in elegance, with metal-fringe jackets, silk shirts, sleek blazers, and dresses from brands like Alexander McQueen, Max Mara, Dior, Louis Vuitton, EENK, Bau by Bride and You, and more. Spot bags by Couronne, Cartier, and Burberry as well. If sophistication had a face, this character would be it.


This Korean actor has become known around the world and soon we will even see him acting within Marvel, Park Seo Joon gave life to several characters that made him a star and today you can meet them.

Like all actors of dramas, Park Seo Jun He began working in small productions or where he had small participations, but little by little his talent opened new doors for him until he became a highly sought-after celebrity for roles. protagonists.

Since then, this boy has not stopped surprising us while playing characters very diverse, sometimes elegant, other times dreamers, talented or even funny and ingenious.

if you like this korean actorthen we tell you what are some of the best characters by Park Seo Joon that you can see inside K-Dramas.

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Park Seo Joon: Characters for you to know various facets of his acting

who doesn’t love them K-dramas with charming CEOs? Young Woo was the character that this actor played in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and, although he was a bit self-centered, he was also intelligent and had a good heart despite his difficult past.

Park Seo Joon in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? | Source: Twitter @squadspcy

in the history of Hwaranghe became one of the flower knights, he likes to live in the moment and feel the freedom, but when he falls in love he also shows his protective side.

Park Seo Joon in Hwarang. | Source: Twitter @xIvel0stmyhead

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This is the character he played in the story of Itaewon ClassPark Seo Joon showed different stages of this boy’s life, from when he was a student, while he was unjustly imprisoned, and when he decided to pursue his dream and create a work team.

Park Seo Joon in Itaewon Class. | Source: Twitter @jmm1D

This character belongs to the drama She Was Prettyis about a boy who used to be unpopular in school, but then he moves abroad and when he comes back he is a handsome and talented magazine editor.

Park Seo Joon in She Was Pretty. | Source: Twitter @emonshii

In Fight For My Waythe role of Park Seo Joon begins as a taekwondo expert who must leave the sport, giving up his dream, now his life moves aimlessly, but one day he discovers that he can compete again although in a different way than he used to do it.

Park Seo Joon in Fight For My Way. | Source: Twitter @AeShin99

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