Big Mouth Releases Thrilling Trailer Starring Lee Jong Suk And YoonA 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Jong Suk: One of the most anticipated dramas this month is Big Mouth, as it will mark Lee Jong Suk’s return to the world of K-Dramas after more than two years of hiatus due to his military service. The first trailer for Big Mouth has been revealed and it shows that it will be an emotionally charged series that will keep viewers hooked on every episode. What could be seen in the first preview?

Big Mouth launched an exciting new trailer in which they show very important scenes for the plot of the drama with Lee Jong Suk Y YoonA. Big Mouth is a drama in which the protagonist is accused of being a famous serial killer and will seek at all costs to prove his innocence.

K-Drama lovers are very excited about Lee Jong Suk’s return to the small screen, after several years of not seeing him in a role, the beloved actor will finally return with a completely new job where he will prove to be a multifaceted actor.

In this new drama, Lee Jong Suk and YoonA will play a married couple of a lawyer and a nurse who have to get involved against the higher-ups after Lee Jong Suk is wrongly accused of being a serial killer. What could be seen in the first trailer?

Big Mouth: Lee Jong Suk Fights From Prison To Prove His Innocence In Trailer

The first trailer for Big Mouth has been revealed and shows scenes full of action and emotion involving Lee Jong Suk and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. Big Mouth is a series that shows a lawyer who must prove at all costs that he is not a murderer.

The trailer It begins with Lee Jong Suk speaking, giving a threat while assuring that he always pays 10 times back, no matter what they do to him, good or bad. Meanwhile, dark scenes can be seen in which money, gambling and murder can be seen. After that he appears in an interrogation where he is asked how long he plans to continue lying.

The character is taken to prison, where he faces other inmates and can be seen in different situations that put his life at risk. On the other hand, she looks like Girls’ Generation’s YoonA is attacked in an elevator as she searches for evidence to prove her husband’s innocence.

When is Big Mouth released? Lee Jong Suk and YoonA’s New Drama

The first episode of Big Mouth will be broadcast on July 29 at 9:50 p.m. (KST), taking over for the drama Doctor Lawyer, which will end that week. The series plans to show more raw and serious content and will mark a powerful comeback for the actor. Do you already want to see this drama?

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