BIGBANG’s J-Hope and G-Dragon at Tom Sachs’ Party 2022 #Celebrity

A special dinner caused J-Hope and G-Dragon to meet, they were not the only celebrities present but they excited fans due to the images where both K-Pop stars appear.

These last few days have been very entertaining for K-Pop fans, as various interactions of great stars have captured the attention while each one fulfills activities on their agenda or simply chooses to take a moment of rest and recreation.

Now, G-Dragon and J-Hope appeared together making a big impression on fans, not just BTS and BIG BANG but from the industry k pop usually.

What was the special reason that brought these two South Korean stars together for a dinner? Here we tell you all the details, but we also show you the photos of the meeting.

Tom Sachs brings BTS’s J-Hope and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon together for dinner

American artist Tom Sachs is currently in Korea and several of his exhibitions such as Space Program: Indoctrination and Boom Retrospective will be available at different points in the city of Seoul. But in addition to these plans, the contemporary artist invited several stars to a party where they could have dinner and have fun.

When some of the guests began to share photos of the meeting, G Dragon and J-Hope They appeared in several of the shots, which made many fans excited to see these two great K-Pop celebrities together.

G-Dragon, J-Hope, Park Seo Joon and more celebrities were at the same event

Among the guests who attended the event was also the actor Park Seo Jun, Choi Woo Sik, AOA’s Seolhyun, Jung Yu Mi, Lee Chung Hay Ryu Jun Yeol. Although some fans commented that Suga had also attended, the rapper does not appear in the group photos.

What do you think of the meeting of G-Dragon and J-Hope that nobody expected? BTS members are making their mark in many fields and fans love to see them having fun.

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