Billie Eilish Talks About Her Third Album, When is it Released? 2022 #Celebrity

Billie Eilish: One of the current artists who has stolen the attention of millions of people in the world is Billie Eilish, a young talented both in composition and production with a unique and rebellious style, who has won the hearts of thousands with her unique personality. . The American singer recently spoke in an interview about her third album and how she wants it to sound.

Billie Eilish is one of the most popular singers of the moment and while she is currently on her world tour, she has already started talking about the plans what do you have for your Third album study.

The bad guy interpreter thrilled her fans with the announcement that she is already thinking about new material. Following her last release last year with Happier That Ever, her new album would become her third studio album.

Fans of the American singer can’t wait to hear her new music and can’t wait to find out what her third album will be about. This is what is known so far about Billie Eilish’s new project.

Billie Eilish wants her third album to express what she’s currently feeling

In a recent interview with NME magazine, Billie Eilish talked about his plans to launch his Third album study and what is the style you want your new project to have, making your fans completely happy with the news.

During the interview, the American singer assured that, like Happier Than Ever, she wants her new album to have a unique style, without falling into a specific aesthetic. In the same way, she wants it to have a current genre and that it reflects everything that the singer is going through at the moment. A personal album that has the power to move the world.

Without a doubt, this news completely moved his fans. Well, the last time the singer released new music was in 2021. For that reason, they can’t wait to hear what’s new that her favorite artist will bring.

When will Billie Eilish’s third album be released?

Although there is no exact date for its release yet, Billie Eilish assured that she will start working on her new album as soon as she finishes her Happier Than Ever: The World Tour, which has dates until September 30 in Australia. Perhaps the singer will surprise us with her new music in early 2023. Are you waiting for her album?

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