Binance Whales Rushed To That Coin!

Ripple: It’s been a long haul between Ripple (XRP) and the SEC. Throughout the legal process, the XRP price had to stagnate. This recession is now being disrupted by hefty purchases by Binance whales. Whales prefer XRP over SHIB and DOGE.

XRP has been getting the attention of BSC whales lately

XRP has gained strong momentum recently. XRP price wakes up positively as the case is settled. Also, XRP is increasingly becoming the leading choice for most BSC whales. It was remarkable that he did this in the midst of sales in recent months. XRP was among the rare coins that did not fluctuate greatly in price.

Hot Development For Ripple Case: Partial Victory Arrived!

Whales buy XRP instead of SHIB and DOGE

WhaleStats shows that XRP has skyrocketed as one of the most used smart contracts. This trend continued between 1000 and 500 BSC whales in the last 24 hours. Also, data from the firm shows that the top 2,000 major investors in BSC are holding about $15.09 million worth of XRP.

After the long-running litigation between Ripple and the SEC was announced, the surge in whale activity for XRP has increased. Meanwhile, whales’ demand for SHIB and Dogecoin was on the decline.

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What was the decision that prompted the Ripple price?

With Judge Netburn’s statement, the court dismissed the SEC’s claims regarding Himan’s ETH speech. In addition, the commission received court authorization to produce all relevant internal documents. The court order stated that the commission was expected to present two redactions proposed by the court to allow for camera review. Ripple’s lawyer stated that the SEC can appeal the court’s decision to Judge Torres. Also, the SEC can request an extension of up to one or two weeks to appeal.

Ripple XRP expands to new exchanges

In a new development, Bitrue crypto exchange announced that it has listed XRP. According to the exchange’s statement, it will list up to 10 XRP pairs for customers on its platform. In addition, the exchange reported that it will list XRP in SAND, MANA, AAVE, BTTC, ALGO, AR, APE, CHZ, HBAR and DENT pairs.

Data from CMC shows that XRP is currently trading at $0.358. With a trading volume of approximately 1.11 billion dollars, XRP still maintains a market value of $17 billion. Meanwhile, Bitcoin and Ethereum were on the rise. Ethereum in particular is leading the market with +30% since last week. One of the driving forces behind Ethereum has been the upcoming Ethereum Merge. As we mentioned in our analysis, whale demand for Ethereum also peaked during this time.

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