Binance Whales SHIB, Not DOGE: Rushed To This Altcoin!

Binance: The cryptocurrency market has been trading in the red for quite some time. “Have we entered a bear market?” debates, “when will the bear market end?” left to the question. However, the biggest crypto wallets don’t seem to care about BTC, SHIB, and DOGE’s decline. The top 100 Binance whales continue to buy heavily, according to data from whale data provider WhaleStats. Their target is a different altcoin. Here are the details…

Binance whales buy from this altcoin, not SHIB

Whalestats shares on whale movements in the cryptocurrency space. The data platform recently shared the favorite altcoin projects of the top 100 Binance whales. As predicted, some cryptocurrencies remained on the list. However, BabyDoge, a very popular memecoin on social media, surprised everyone by entering the list. It looks like the whales’ new dog-themed cryptocurrency could be BabyDoge.

Sharing the data platform included the purchases of the top 100 BSC whales in the last 24 hours. Accordingly, BabyDoge took its place among the most purchased tokens in the last day. Actually, this memecoin is inspired by the Original Dogecoin dog cryptocurrency. At the same time, he seeks the support of Elon Musk. As mentioned above, memecoin is the new favorite token of BSC whales and one of the top 10 most bought tokens.

BabyDoge is popular with whales

According to the latest data, BabyDoge is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies bought by the largest whales. Accordingly, leading cryptocurrency wallets hold BabyDoge worth $2,457,125 in total. The amount of tokens corresponding to this parity is more than 2 quadrillion. Also, the total share of memecoin in the whales’ portfolio currently stands at around 0.19%.

BabyDoge Coin reaches key milestones As we have reported, BabyDoge has experienced several important developments recently. Accordingly, the token outperformed all memecoins, including SHIB and DOGE, in just the past week. Thus, it experienced a price increase of up to 24% on June 15 and 16. Meanwhile, the entire cryptocurrency market was going through a bloodbath. It seems like BabyDoge surprised the whales by trading in the green even as the BTC price dropped. However, the project’s community decided to speed up the token burning process last month. Accordingly, the community approved the burning of a total of 50 quadrillion cryptocurrencies.

On the first day of June, the project signed a big event by burning 6 quadrillion BabyDoges. However, just yesterday, 2.4 quadrillion tokens were burned in one hour. Thus, the supply of tokens, which was 420 quadrillion last year, has decreased to 232 quadrillion this year. Such burns can trigger a rise in price due to a decrease in circulating supply. But BabyDoge is still trading at 8 zeros (0.000000001339) despite its year-round burns.

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