BLACKPINK And KitKat Have A Very Sweet collaboration That You Will Love 2022 #Celebrity

BLACKPINK: The sweetness of the BLACKPINK girls reaches fans in a very original and charming way, KitKat is conquering BLINK with a product whose design is inspired by the K-Pop girl group

The fans of the girl group of YG-Entertainment They have only had pleasant surprises in the last hours, recently the comeback of the idols and the date of its premiere were confirmed, but while we wait for it now there is another release that raised the emotion.

Throughout their career, BLACKPINK has collaborated with multiple clothing, phone, shoe, and more companies, but this time they joined forces with a brand of chocolates that you probably already know.

Kit Kat now it has a new product and all BLINK wants it, because it has details of BLACKPINK everywhere, read on and find out what exactly it is.

BLACKPINK and KitKat release collectible cans of each member of the group

The chocolate brand belonging to Nestle has just brought to the market a collection of 4 different cans with the reddish color that characterizes the packaging of these chocolates, however, they have very special details related to Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie and Rosé.

Each can has a personalized drawing of one of the K-Pop idols of the era. Lovesick Girls. While that illustration is on the front, on the back there is a box with the information of the chosen idol, with data such as date of birth, hobbies, pets, etc.

Will the collaboration of BLACKPINK and KitKat come to Latin America?

For now this product is being sold with great success in supermarkets in Thailand, but since KitKat is a globally traded product, many fans have already started asking for BLACKPINK image cans to reach more countries.

So far there is no news that this plan is in the works, but there are certainly a large number of fans who would buy this product in Latin America.

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