BLACKPINK and Momoland Would Collaborate With Christian Nodal

BLACKPINK: The members of BLACKPINK have collaborated with world-class artists such as Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez, creating iconic pop hits. However, a possible new collaboration has given much to talk about: BLACKPINK with Christian Nodal.

Christian Nodal gave something to talk about after mentioning a possible collaboration with the South Korean group BLACKPINK. His statement caused a great furor in social networks, as many fans cannot imagine what the combination of K-Pop with regional Mexican would be like.

Many artists are usually full of unexpected surprises and BLACKPINK is one of those artists with the new rumors about their collaboration with Mexican singer Christian Nodal. Causing a great commotion among his fans.

K-Pop idols are opening more and more doors and starting collaborating with all kinds of western artists. A few years ago, Crayon Pop’s collaboration with CD9 caused a lot of excitement among Latin fans, as did Super Junior’s Lo Sorry with Leslie Grace. But a possible BLACKPINK collaboration with Christian Nodal blew the minds of all fans.

Christian Nodal mentioned a collaboration with BLACKPINK and MOMOLAND

One of Christian Nodal’s hobbies is streaming while playing video games and interacting with his fans. In one of his last broadcasts, the interpreter of “Adiós Amor” confessed that he is working on new music, but the names of the groups he mentioned puzzled his fans.

In one of his latest streams, Christian Nodal mentioned that he is working on something with K-Pop groups BLACKPINK and Momoland. Although he did not elaborate, the idea of ​​a collaboration between these groups and the singer caused a lot of confusion.

Chrstian Nodal is one of the greatest exponents of the Mexican regional in Mexico and his music usually contains lyrics of heartbreak and broken heart. However, his music genre is so different from K-Pop that it sparked a lot of curiosity from fans.

Fans have divided opinions on Christian Nodal with BLACKPINK

In the case of BLINK, he did not know how to react to the news of a collaboration between Christian Nodal and BLACKPINK. While many showed great curiosity and assure that his new song will be perfect for ‘mourning the exes’. Others do not see the collaboration with good eyes, since not many enjoy the Mexican regional, they have many doubts about what could come out of both artists together. Would you like to hear that collaboration?

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