BLACKPINK and Their Solos Are Among The Most Listened To on Spotify 2022 #Celebrity

BLACKPINK‘s songs are highly listened to on this music platform, which is why their number of listeners and streaming statistics make them a very successful K-Pop music act.

Currently BLINK is awaiting the announcement of the comeback of this girls groupWell, although we know that BLACKPINK will return with more music soon, there is no way to start seeing posters and teaser photos that begin the new musical era of idols.

It’s been a long time since this K-Pop group released an album, but one thing that has remained constant no matter if it’s a comeback season or a break in activities is the support from fans, who haven’t stopped listening to the songs BLACKPINK and neither are the solos of the idols.

This musical group is one of the most popular today and that is why its figures in Spotify are amazing, here we tell you why.

BLACKPINK and their solos make history on Spotify for their popularity

The ranking of female groups and soloists of the K-Pop places BLACKPINK as the most streamed act in spotify history, surpassing 2 billion with just 41 tracks on their profile. OMG!

Lisa ranks third on the list, reaching more than 662 million with 3 songs, while Rose it is located in the eighth position with 171 million. WOW!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rosé are among the most listened to K-Pop soloists

Last year we were able to enjoy the release of two solo projects in BLACKPINK, Lisa and Rose They conquered the fans and that is why they are part of the soloists with the highest number of monthly listeners.

In this ranking, Lisa was placed first with around 28 million streams, while Rosé is number 3 with more than 12 million views. BLINK’s support and popularity of the group has paid off and these numbers prove it.

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