BLACKPINK Comeback, What Will Their New Album Be Like? 2022 #Celebrity

BLACKPINK: More and more information is being revealed about BLACKPINK’s comeback, which will be in a few weeks. On this occasion, it was the American singer and producer Ryan Tedder who shared new details about what BLINK will hear on the group’s return.

BLACKPINK will have its expected come back in August after two years of hiatus and the American producer Ryan Tedder he personally worked on one of his comeback songs with Jenny Y Rose.

BLINK can’t wait any longer for BLACKPINK’s comeback, which is already a reality after YG Entertainment’s announcement confirming that it will take place during the month of August. While the members will be filming the new music video in the next few days. More information has been revealed by people who worked on the album. Among them, music producer Ryan Tedder.

Ryan Tedder has been involved in writing such hits as OneRepublic’s Counting Stars, Beyoncé’s Halo, and Adele’s Rumor Has It. Now, he will be participating in one of BLACKPINK’s songs for their new album.

Jennie and Rosé worked with Ryan Tedder for BLACKPINK’s new album

American singer and producer Ryan Tedder recently revealed in an interview that he worked with BLACKPINK in one of the songs for his return and that the fans can assure that his return will be ‘cool as hell‘, too amazing.

Although the producer did not tell many details about his return, he mentioned that work directly with Jenny Y Rose in Los Angeles and that their new song will have the characteristic touch of BLACKPINK because the members had creative freedom in the writing and production of the collaboration.

In addition to that, Ryan Tedder assured that the members are very talented and sweet and that he is a true fan of the band for his unique style. He even claimed that he has walls full of BLACKPINK posters. Without a doubt, it is a return that fans can look forward to and that promises not to disappoint.

When will BLACKPINK’s comeback be?

Until now, YG-Entertainment revealed that it will be during the month of August and that after his return he will announce a world tour that will feature many dates and countries. The exact date of BLACKPINK’s comeback has not been revealed yet, but fans expect it to be shared in the coming months.

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