BLACKPINK Confirms Comeback in August 2022 and World Tour 2022 #Celebrity

BLACKPINK: It’s official! YG Entertainment confirmed BLACKPINK’s comeback for the month of August and assured that they are fine-tuning the final details for her comeback. News that made BLINK very happy after the group’s two-year hiatus. What is known until the moment of his comeback.

the expected come back of BLACKPINK it’s almost here. This was reported by YG Entertainment, announcing that the group will return with new music on Augustas soon as they refine the last details of their new album.

BLINK couldn’t be happier right now, as the group’s comeback was officially announced by the group’s agency, which means there will be no more rumors and the group will finally be back on stage with new music.

BLACKPINK went on hiatus for approximately two years, not releasing new music as a group since Lovesick Girls, THE ALBUM’s lead single. Although the members focused on their solo careers, fans can’t wait to see them on stage together again.

BLACKPINK is finishing recording their new album, it premieres in August

YG Entertainment recently reported that BLACKPINK will return with a new album in August, news that completely excited their followers because since the beginning of the year it was known that they would have a comeback but not the exact date.

BLACKPINK’s agency reported that the four members are currently recording the final details of the album and in the next few days they will begin recording the music video for their title song, so the whole month could bring new and exciting content about the return of BLACKPINK. cluster.

So far the exact date of his return is not known, but it is known that it will be during the month of August. Fans are sure that it will be a matter of time before the official date is revealed along with promotional teasers. What date do you think BLACKPINK will come back?

After their comeback, BLACKPINK will have a world tour

On the other hand, although it is unknown if BLACKPINK will promote their new album at music shows, YG Entertainment confirmed that after their return, in the remainder of the year, the group will begin a world tour, in which they assure that they will visit several countries. worldwide. Ensuring that it will be one of the largest scale tours that any female K-Pop group has previously. Which countries do you think BLACKPINK is going to visit?

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