BLACKPINK Invites You to Their Countdown Livestream Before Their Comeback 2022 #Celebrity

The members of BLACKPINK announced that, before the premiere of PINK VENOM, they will have a live broadcast to greet BLINK and wait together for the release of the new song.

the joy of BLINK is at its best now that the comeback is so close, very soon we will be able to hear a new song by the four members and it is precisely PINK VENOM, the pre-released single from their album BORN PINK.

The BLACKPINK girls prepared another surprise for their fans, because you can get ready for the release of this song and wait for the countdown with the idols of BLACKPINK. K-Pop of YG-Entertainment.

So if you are planning to enjoy the new song and MV of BLACKPINK from the moment of the premiere, you won’t want to miss this live with the idols either, here we tell you all the details so you can see their live broadcast.

BLACKPINK To Reunite With BLINK For Live Before Premiere Of PINK VENOM

Through a poster, the idols of BLACKPINK announced that shortly before PINK VENOM is released globally, they will be live chatting with fans, making the wait for this new K-Pop track more exciting.

Idols could share a bit of their experience by preparing the melody and MV, as well as their favorite moments and what they want to show BLINK, so you shouldn’t miss this broadcast.

BLACKPINK: When and where to watch the PINK VENOM Countdown Livestream?

The BLACKPINK live It will take place through YouTube, so you can watch it easily and for free simply with a device connected to the Internet.

This Countdown Live will kick off exactly 1 hour before the premiere of PINK VENOM, the perfect time to chat, learn more about the song, and let the excitement build for the long-awaited release.

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