BLACKPINK releases concept teasers for Lisa and Rosé 2022 #celebrity

Ready for BLACKPINK’s comeback? We’re just a few days away from hearing the group’s pre-release single, so PINK VENOM’s teasers surprise us at every turn. Rosé and Lisa star in the new trailers.

After announcing the important dates for this comeback, YG-Entertainment has not stopped exciting BLACKPINK fans with previews of what we will see in PINK VENOM. The previous promotions for this single began with some posters and photos of the idolsbut the joy increased with the first concept teasers.

Yesterday we saw the clips of Jisoo Y Jennybut now we also have those of Lisa Y RoseAs if that were not enough, after concluding the first round of these teasers, YG Entertainment began the presentation of new videos of the K-Pop idols.

as you read it, BLACKPINK It’s already started with the second round of concept teasers for PINK VENOM and here we tell you all about all these new trailers.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Rosé Join PINK VENOM Concept Teasers

Let’s start with the clips of Lisa and Rosé continuing and ending the first round of trailers for this comeback. The two idols wear new looks, but what do these teasers have in common?

As with Jennie’s video and Jisoo’s video, her BLACKPINK companions appear in a glass box, as if they were trapped, however the second round of videos shows something different that could be revealing an important detail of the come back.

PINK VENOM: BLACKPINK kicks off second round of teasers with Lisa and Rosé

The new ones from PINK VENOM Clips have been posted on the idols’ social media sites including the group’s YouTube channel. Below you can see Rosé’s and then Lisa’s.

As you can see, in these new progress idols no longer appear surrounded by crystals, but seem to have freed themselves and are now out of the box, what will this mean?

We will continue to tell you about all the new BLACKPINK releases for this comeback, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we tell you what Kim Garam had to say about his controversy after leaving LEE SSERAFIM.

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