BLACKPINK Releases PINK VENOM Poster, What Do We Expect From The Comeback? 2022 #Celebrity

All BLACKPINK fans are impatient to hear the group’s new song, so the idols showed a little more of their looks for PINK VENOM in a poster announcing the premiere, are you ready to see the MV?

For several days, BLACKPINK’s social networks have not stopped updating with news about the comeback of the idols, these girls are about to present a pre-released single that bears the name of PINK VENOM and the long-awaited premiere is in a few hours.

After conquering BLINK With teasers and concept photos, now the K-Pop idols released one last poster before the release of the song and the MVfurther increasing the excitement of all his followers.

Here we tell you everything about the new poster of BLACKPINKthe outfits of the idols and everything we expect from this long-awaited musical comeback.

BLACKPINK Thrills Fans With Final PINK VENOM Poster, MV Premieres Today

The new poster of girls group shows a legend indicating that the day of the PINK VENOM premiere has arrived, that’s why the phrase D-Day appears at the top of the image.

The idols They wear outfits from their comeback that combine the color black with details of green, gray and khaki tones. All the looks are characterized by a style that conveys strength and a girl power that steals the eyes, so BLACKPINK’s photo drew compliments from fans.

PINK VENOM: What can we expect from BLACKPINK’s comeback?

Due to the progress that has been made so far, we can expect that PINK VENOM will include a combination of the modern and powerful style of idols with some traditional elements, as the first look at the MV indicated.

Furthermore, the group of YG-Entertainment It stands out for its energetic choreography and impressive scenarios within its music videos, so surely that will not be missing on this occasion.

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