BLACKPINK Returns in August And BLINK Created Memes To Celebrate 2022 #Celebrity

BLACKPINK: The moment that all of BLINK has been waiting for has finally arrived, the official announcement of BLACKPINK’s comeback, which is scheduled for August. Between emotion and laughter, the fans could not help but show their happiness through memes that perfectly describe how they are feeling right now after the long wait of two years.

BLACKPINK will have its expected come back August and BLINK can not hide the emotion they feel for their return, to such an extent that they chose the best way to celebrate: with memes. Filling social networks with fun images for the return of their favorite group.

Fans never lose their sense of humor and although a few weeks ago BLINK could not stop sharing memes due to the group’s hiatus, now their images are of joy, since BLACKPINK’s comeback was officially announced for the month of August.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to express emotions, whether happy, sad or angry, is through memes and BLINK knows how to channel these emotions perfectly with funny memes that they shared through social networks. These were the best.

BLACKPINK comeback memes that BLINK had fun with

All BLACKPINK fans are very excited for the group’s return after two years of hiatus and the news took it with a big hug at a difficult time. Without a doubt, this meme perfectly represents that emotion.

For many BLINKS, two years of absence felt like a lifetime and they didn’t take long to use the Miranda Cosgrove meme to represent how much they changed during the years of BLACKPINK’s absence.

Similarly, other people consider that BLACKPINK’s comeback will come at the time they need it most, since many have been going through difficult times and consider that the return of the group will be like a Band-Aid to heal a wound.

On the other hand, other fans feel very proud of themselves for having endured the 640 days of hiatus that the group had without releasing new music. Did you know that it is the third generation K-Pop group with the longest hiatus so far? He even got over Red Velvet’s hiatus.

Finally, a few weeks ago it was reported that YG Entertainment had large losses in the first quarter of the year due to BLACKPINK’s hiatus and after announcing the group’s official comeback, fans couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

When is BLACKPINK’s new album coming out?

So far, YG Entertainment only announced that their return would be in August and that BLACKPINK is currently polishing the last details of the album to later start recording their new MV. Fans hope that in the next few days the exact date of his return will be revealed, which could be for the second half of August. When do you think the group will return?

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