BLACKPINK Will Give A Virtual Concert in PUBG Mobile, When Will it Be? 2022 #Celebrity

The BLACKPINK group will have its first virtual concert through the PUBG Mobile video game. Where they will not only perform with 3D animated characters, they will also release a completely new song. BLACKPINK: THE VIRTUAL will be available this month.

BLACKPINK will have his first concert in a video game via PUBG Mobile and it will be sooner than many BLINKs imagine, since the concert will be at the end of July. What is known so far about this concert?

BLINK can’t hide their excitement after hearing about BLACKPINK’s concert in a video game, news that completely cheered up fans who are regular gamers of BLINK. PUBG Mobile and that caused more fans to decide to download the application so as not to miss the concert of their favorite group.

BLACKPINK is full of good news for their fans, not only were they on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine a few weeks ago, they also recently announced their come back for the month of August and a world tour.

BLACKPINK will have its first virtual concert with 3D avatars in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile announced BLACKPINK’s virtual concert through the video game with a striking poster. Becoming the first concert of the group of this style. In addition to that, a YG Entertainment representative mentioned special details of this concert.

BLACKPINK: THE VIRTUAL will be the group’s first concert in a video game, which will be presented by their 3d avatars and they will sing several of their hits to the virtual audience, in addition to presenting a completely new track.

BLACKPINK’s concert in PUBG Mobile will be the July 22, 23, 29 and 30 in North America and South America. While in the rest of the world it will be July 23, 24, 30 and 31, fully available to regular players of the application.

BLACKPINK to premiere new song at virtual concert

The representative of YG-Entertainment mentioned that a new track of BLACKPINK will be revealed during their virtual concert in PUBG Mobile. Although many fans suspect that the released song will be ready for love, a track that until now his followers had only managed to hear a couple of fragments. Having no idea what song it will be, this heightens BLINK’s excitement, curious that maybe it’s a whole new song. What song do you think they will release in their new concert?

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