BLACKPINK’s Comeback Excites Everyone, Including Danna Paola 2022 #Celebrity

BLACKPINK: After a long wait, BLACKPINK will be back with a new album called BORN PINK, Danna Paola showed that she is a big fan of the girl group and she is also looking forward to this comeback.

No doubt BLACKPINK It has great popularity, but something special about this K-Pop group is that it has conquered fans of all kinds. From fans of Korean music, the general public and even celebrities from all over the world.

That is why now that the idols will release a new record material, not only BLINK is curiously awaiting the new songs that BLACKPINK will release during the months of August and September.

The female group YG-Entertainment announced that he will return with a new album called BORN PINK and, among the fans who were happy with this news was the singer Danna Paola.

BLACKPINK conquered Danna Paola, she awaits the idols’ new album

Recently, the interpreter of MÍA greeted her fans in a live broadcast where she was reading her messages and answering some questions from those who were watching her. It was so someone asked this girl if she liked the K-Pop.

She answered in the affirmative, but also did not hesitate to tell her fans that BLACKPINK will be coming back with more music soon. Danna Paola he even made a gesture touching his heart, making his emotion for that fact clear.

BORN PINK: All about BLACKPINK’s new album and tour

Very soon we will hear new melodies in voices of these idols, the BLACKPINK girls will present a pre-released single in August, but the day of the premiere is not yet revealed, so we could soon begin to see the first concept photos and teasers.

BLACKPINK’s album comes out in September, but details such as the tracklist, cover art, and more information about the day we will hear it are still pending. In addition, in the month of October they will start a world Tour. Would you like them to go to your country?

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