BLACKPINK’s Jennie is The Role Model of Group LIGHTSUM

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular groups in K-Pop today. He is not only popular with his fans and celebrities. They have also become a great influence for new generations of artists in South Korea. Among them, rookie group LIGHTSUM has shown their admiration for BLACKPINK, especially Jennie.

Jenny of BLACKPINK has become the example to follow of new generations of idols. Especially from Cube Entertainment’s rookie group LIGHTSUMwho has confessed to being a big fan of Jennie.

Rookie 8-member girl group LIGHTSUM has confessed to being a big fan of BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Especially Yujeong and Nayoung, who were recently invited to a show where they talked about her admiration for Jennie and how she has become her biggest inspiration.

LIGHTSUM debuted in 2021 with the song Vanilla and at the end of May they had their comeback with the mini album Into the Light. As part of their promotions, the group has performed on different shows. One of them was where they mentioned BLACKPINK’s Jennie as their role model.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is the inspiration for LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong and Nayoung

On the latest TMI News show, LIGHTSUM members Yujeong and Nayoung were invited to promote their latest album Into The Light. On the show, they were asked who their role model was in the Korean industry and without a second thought, they answered that it was BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

Yujeong and Nayoung mentioned that most of the members of LIGHTSUM they had great admiration for BLACKPINK. Especially for Jennie, who had become his greatest inspiration during his trainee days and now in his debut.

In addition to that, they also prepared a special performance of a cover of the song Lovesick Girls. Which they danced with grace during the program.

Many idols have mentioned BLACKPINK’s Jennie as their role model

It is not only an inspiration for LIGHTSUM, other groups like NMIXX They have also mentioned Jennie as their favorite artist and the person they aspire to be in their careers. Without a doubt, the BLACKPINK singer has become a great influence for the new generations of female artists in South Korea.

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