BLACKPINK’s Jennie Made A Bag and Coffee Shop Trendy in Korea 2022 #celebrity

BLACKPINK: It’s no secret to K-Pop fans that the members of BLACKPINK have a huge influence on the world of fashion. Especially Jennie, who has been an ambassador for the Chanel and Calvin Klein brands. For this reason, that the singer creates new trends is not a surprise, as she demonstrated by making one of the bags that she likes to wear the most continuously out of stock.

Jenny of BLACKPINK created a new trend in South Korea. This time, using a white bag oversized bag that he takes on each of his trips. The bag is sold out in the country and many have confessed that it is normal to see people walking the streets with the same bag as Jennie.

BLINKS love how Jennie is always so involved in the world of fashion and it’s no wonder how the girl commands her style. It is not the first time that people imitate the way the idol dresses or combs her hair. The singer has quickly become a fashion icon.

What is BLACKPINK’s Jennie bag that is trending in Korea?

There is a new trend in South Korea and this one was created by BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Although she hasn’t openly expressed it, Jennie has a favorite bag that she carries everywhere and it’s a bag that everyone in Korea wants to buy.

The interpreter of ‘SOLO’ has been seen on several occasions using a white bag Large size. He is one of his travel companions and has been seen walking in other countries with him and at the airport. Because of its size, it can be assumed that he can store many things there, so it is very practical and the singer uses it everywhere.

The brand bag COS It has a cost of $100 dollars and its sale is only available online. However, as soon as new units go on sale, they quickly deplete. Many Internet users have confessed that it is common to see people of all kinds on the streets of South Korea wearing the same bag as Jennie.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie also styled a cafe she visited

Similarly, everyone in South Korea wants to follow in Jennie’s footsteps and visit the places where the girl has fun. That happened recently in Comfort Seoul Cafe, a new cafe that recently opened and belongs to one of the singer’s friends. After the girl took photos on the spot, the place filled with people and people had to wait up to two hours in line to access the popular cafe. Without a doubt, Jennie has a great impact on the Korean public.

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