BLACKPINK’s Lisa is The Most Tweeted Star in Fashion Week 2022 #Celebrity

All eyes of the BLINKs were on Lisa during Paris Fashion Week, this Thai singer stood out on Twitter thanks to the fans’ support of the girl’s hashtags alongside Celine.

There are very talented K-Pop idols who have made their way into the world of fashion and we recently got to see Lisa in her role as an ambassador for Celine. the idol of BLACKPINK, V of BTS and Park Bo Gum They attended the Fashion Show organized for the Paris Fashion Week this year and the three of them had a great impact causing the furor in social networks to rise.

The day of parade from the fashion house, everyone was waiting to see the different international artists that would be part of the event, but the fans of BLACKPINK and Lisa in particular, made sure to show their support through social networks and their work paid off. .

the thai idol of YG-Entertainment broke a new record during his participation in paris fashion week and it was possible thanks to his fans.

Lisa and Celine have the most popular hashtag of Paris Fashion Week

If you were aware of social networks, surely you saw that the updates related to the K-Pop idol were accompanied by hashtags with which you could access searches to see all the news of Lisa in Paris during the parade.

The support of the fans to these tags caused that before the first 7 hours of starting to use them, more than 4 million tweets had already been gathered, but the looks were still pending on the idol, so the hashtag #LISAXCELINE managed to reach 5 million mentions, being the most used in relation to this event.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Makes Fashion Event History With Her Powerful Reach

While Lisa’s impact at Celine’s Fashion Show was amazing, the idol’s popularity not only made an impression on the event, but she achieved an amazing achievement within the world of fashion.

It turns out that #LISAXCELINE is now the most used hashtag starring an artist from Asia at a fashion event. The idol is also succeeding in this field and BLINK could not be more proud.

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