BLACKPINK’s Ready For Love, When Does it Premiere on PUBG? 2022 #Celebrity

BLACKPINK: Posters of a new musical era, but it looks like we could also welcome the release of Ready For Love in its studio version.

All BLINK you know very well why ready for love It is a long-awaited track by the fandom, fragments of this song have remained in the minds of many, but its release has not yet become a reality.

Where did this track come from? Some time ago, BLACKPINK idols starred in their own documentary for Netflix titled Light Up The Sky and in this film we were able to hear some of the verses of Ready For Love, but to this day that song has not been officially released, so there is no studio version.

That could change very soon, we tell you how the theories and suspicions arise that within a short time we will be able to listen to Ready for Love and enjoy its good rhythm like never before.

PUBG confirms that BLACKPINK will release a new song for the game

Recently, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shared that there would be new updates about their collaboration with BLACKPINK. Among these novelties are new skins but they also revealed that the K-Pop girl group of YG-Entertainment will premiere a new song within PUBG.

Is it Ready For Love? The official statement does not reveal specific details about the title of the song, but there are other signs that did not go unnoticed in front of BLINK.

BLACKPINK: Why do you think Ready For Love will be the new song in PUBG?

In addition to the new song, new sets will be presented for each member of BLACKPINK and curiously these are called Ready For Love, coincidence? It could be but it could also not be.

Apparently the new song will be released simultaneously with the comeback of the K-Pop idols, so some BLINKs have started to think that this track will be one of the B-Sides of the new album, however nothing is confirmed and we will have to wait a little longer to discover the truth.

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