Books Recommended by RM Have A Section in Bookstores 2022 #Celebrity

RM often shares his hobbies with ARMYs, showing them the museums he visits and the songs he listens to, but also the books he reads. The BTS member’s recommendations inspired new sections in bookstores that you’ll want to visit.

BTS boys are always in touch with their fans, sometimes sharing new photos, posting vlogs, or just visiting Weverse to post and reply to messages from lucky fans.

These moments also let us know a little about how they enjoy their free time and that is how ARMY knows very well that RM loves to read books. When the K-Pop idol finds a very interesting one, he does not hesitate to recommend it or share snippets of reading it.

These small actions have become a motivation for fans of btsfor many have come in search of the books that namjoon mentions. This resulted in the bookstores They will also begin to establish a bond with ARMY and here we tell you how it happened.

Books recommended by BTS RM have special shelves in bookstores

For a long time, several fans of the BTS group began to share photographs portraying the surprise they got when, upon arriving at a book store, they discovered that there are sections specials where you can find the RM recommended books.

Some of these bookstores even placed merch from BT21group albums k pop or signs indicating why that section would be unmissable for ARMYs. AWW!

RM and his book recommendations reach stores around the world

These types of photos shared by fans on social networks reveal that the sections dedicated especially to Namjoon’s readings and recommendations have broken borders, because just as you can find them in places in South Korea, they have also been identified in cities in the United States. , Germany, Canada and more.

Would you like to visit a book store in your country and find a shelf with the BTS leader’s favorite books?

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