Born Singer and Run BTS Are Banned From KBS for This Reason

BTS: Within days of the official release of BTS’s Proof, two of their new songs have been banned from being broadcast on the KBS channel. This, due to the content of its lyrics that is not considered appropriate for transmission. Both Run BTS and Born Singer will not be able to perform on Music Bank.

BTS will return this June 10th with his new album proof. Which will be a compilation album with a total of 3 different albums and three new songs. However, prior to its release. two of his songs they already went banned from KBS.

Although the banning of the KBS channel did not come as a surprise to many fans, they cannot help but be very curious about the content of the new BTS songs and the real reasons why they were considered inappropriate for broadcast on television.

On top of that, they can’t wait to see BTS back on music show stages. After two years of not performing on music shows, the idols will return to their roots and compete again. These are the reasons why KBS banned two BTS songs from their channel.

Run BTS and Born Singer to be banned from KBS for their lyrical content

Through an official statement, KBS reported that Run BTS and Born Singer could not be broadcast on their channel, due to the content of their lyrics. Saddening ARMY who expected to see these songs on the programs of said channel.

The main reason for the ban is because the lyrics of these BTS songs contain a Vulgar language, rudeness and crude expressions. What could result in a strong language for the family audience that most of the channel’s programs are focused on and turns them into songs inappropriate for transmission.

For Youth was also in discussion for specific parts of the song. However, KBS reported that this song could be broadcast by skipping the opening 30 seconds of the song.

BTS’s Yet to Come was also in discussion about appearing on KBS

The song Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) by BTS also had to be subjected to an intense review to learn if its content would be appropriate for broadcast on the channel. Fortunately for the fans, the song passed the filters and was approved, being considered appropriate for transmission. Yet to Come is the lead single from BTS’s comeback and will premiere its new video soon.

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