Britney Spears: Her Ex-Husband Can No Longer Approach Her For 3 Years!

Britney Spears: For having tried to break into Britney Spears, the former companion of the singer can no longer approach her for 3 years. Thursday June 9, 2022, Britney Spears said yes to the man who shares her daily life: Sam Asghari. The best day of his life then turned into a real nightmare because of his ex-boyfriend…



For several years now, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have lived on a small cloud. They don’t plan to get off anytime soon!

In September 2021, the two stars got engaged in order to concretize their love. They broke the news on social media and received many congratulatory messages.

Thursday June 9, 2022, the couple then moved on to a higher stage. The interpreter of the title Baby One More Time said yes to her darling!

Yes, they are officially married and shared the best moments of the event on their social networks. Something to delight their millions of fans!

However, everything did not really go as planned… A character tried to become embedded in the singer that day. Yes, you read it correctly!

Who is it ? Quite simply from his former companion Jason Alexander. Britney Spears was married to him for only 55 hours. A record!

The man filmed himself live on Instagram and therefore tried to break into his ex’s house. After an altercation, security managed to subdue him.

He, unsurprisingly, ended up at the police station. As reported by our colleagues from Elle, the artist “has therefore obtained a three-year extension of his restraining order against Jason Alexander”.

As a result, he cannot approach it within 100 meters.


If, despite the intrusion of her ex, Britney Spears had a wonderful day, she recently experienced a trauma. As you probably know, the 40-year-old singer has lost the child she was expecting from Sam Asghari.

After taking a step back, the music star, and her companion, decided to express themselves on social networks.

“It is with our deepest sadness that we announce that we have just lost our miraculous baby,” she said on Instagram. And this, prematurely during this pregnancy. This is a devastating time for any parent. »

“Perhaps we should have waited a bit before announcing such news, continued the mother of the family. However, we were so excited to be able to share the good news at the time, we are grateful for all your support. »

“We felt your support. We take things positively and move forward for our future. It’s hard, but we’re not alone,” the model added.

As the two stars say, they can at least count on the support of their many fans. We also let you take a look at the couple’s wedding photos on Instagram!

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