BTS and Casetify Release Collaboration Inspired By Permission To Dance 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: The vibe of Permission To Dance can be the perfect complement to decorate your cell phone and other of your electronic devices, Casetify has just presented its new collaboration with BTS and it is amazing.

One of the ways that K-Pop fans show their love for idols is through the decoration on their cell phone, not only in their wallpapers but also in the protection they give to this device with a case. special.

That is why Casetify He has worked with various groups of K-Pop and one of them is BTS previously this brand has launched covers personalized with different themes, but now they return with a new collection that has all the style of Permission To Dance.

If this is one of your favorite BTS songs then keep reading, because the covers that we present below will give your cell phone a new look.

Permission To Dance by BTS stars in the new Casetify collection

In this new collection of articles, we find covers of different styles, some have a pillow, mirror design and you will even have the option of personalizing your cover with stickers. The line Permission to Dance takes up some elements that will surely remind you of everything we saw in the music video for Bangtan Sonyeondan.

The collaboration of BTS and Casetify It has just been released, it was launched through the website that has shipments to a large number of countries around the world, so you can now choose which one will decorate your cell phone.

BTS and Casetify decorate your phone, laptop, headphones and more

If you thought that there would only be new phone cases, then you will be surprised that this time Casetify will include other items to decorate your Apple Watch, iPads, chargers, Magsafe items and more.

Plus, you’ll also find Permission to Dance laptop sleeves and a BTS beaded strap to attach to your tech devices.

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